Through our Account Managers’ extensive relationship with your organization, we are able to proactively recruit candidates for you with a keen eye towards those soft skills that so often make the difference. In other words, we work diligently to stay ahead of your needs and aren’t playing catch-up.

Our “we’re the experts” recruiting method allows us to jump start the process. Specialized human expertise is the most critical – and scarce – resource in the world today. Finding the right people with the right skills is often the difference between success and failure. We live that philosophy here at QBS and it extends to our commitment to being a true partner to you. We view ourselves as a life-long partner, actively involved in your operation.

Choosing a firm search firm to represent your company can be difficult with some many choices. At Qualified Business Solutions we want to help you make an educated decision.

Here are some helpful questions to ask:

  • Is this search being done on a contingency fee or retained basis?
  • How long has your firm been in existence? How large are the operations?
  • Do you (or your search firm) specialize in any particular industry or functions?
  • What are some of your recent searches? How have they worked out?

Our Search Process:
Stage One: Position and Client Analysis

We will learn about your business model, goals, product/services, culture, leadership, technology, and competition. We will also learn details about the position, including but limited to responsibilities, core skills/qualifications required vs. desired, education requirements, reporting structure, reason for the opening, compensation, growth opportunities, travel requirements, and more.

Stage Two: Develop Plan
Stage Three: Source and Screen
Stage Four: Present Qualified Candidates
Stage Five: Coordinate Interviews (Virtual or in Person)
Stage Six: Follow up
Stage Seven: Manage Employment Offers
Stage Eight: Post Placement Follow-up


Types of Search Services

Contingency Search
This is a great option for mid- to lower-level positions. Many of our small and mid-sized companies use this type of search because it is the most cost effective way to recruit talent for open positions. We are paid only if you hire a candidate we present to you.

Retained Search
This option allows QBS to create an exclusive relationship with our client and we are contracted for a specific period of time to find a candidate.  A retained search is best-suited for senior-level management positions where there are fewer qualified candidates. This type of search allows us to form a consultative relationship, and invest the appropriate time to learn about your organization, the details of the position and the characteristics of the right candidate, and provide a research team with various resources to assist you with the search.

This option allows you to assess if the candidate is a right fit for your company by observing them in the position. We can manage the contractor’s time and attendance and add them to our payroll until they are converted to full-time status, or they can be added to your payroll when they begin.

Represents candidates who are hired on a temporary basis for a project/assignment with a defined period.We can manage the contractor’s time and attendance and add them to our payroll until they are converted to full-time status, or they can be added to your payroll. We provide regular follow up to monitor performance.

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